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Polish-XTM Countertop Polish 
Polish-XTM provides a protective coating that helps to prevent the stone from etching and burning from spills of perfume, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, juices, and personal hygiene products. It will even help prevent glass rings from forming. Polish-X™ allows you to enhance the brilliant colors of natural stone while allowing the stone to release moisture vapors. It will not alter the crystalline structure of the stone. Polish-X™ is non-acidic and safe to use on food handling surfaces. It is designed to polish surfaces by hand or by machine.

Polish-X Countertop Polish (8oz)
Price: $8.63

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Polish XW TM  Countertop Polish
Polish XW TM is a protective coating that will polish, protect, and enhance the brilliant colors of marble, granite, terra cotta, agglomerates, solid surfaces, and all other natural smooth stone surfaces.  Not intended for floor use, the polish will protect and provide a natural gloss to stone countertops, vanities, wallls, and columns.

Polish-XW Countertop Polish (1 Quart)

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